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Mismo Jewelry

Jewelry Care


  • Do store in a jewelry box to avoid scratches and tarnishing
  • Do clean with a soft polishing cloth or soft sponge
  • Do use some drops of lukewarm water for cleaning (excluding hydrophane Opal)
  • Add an anti-tarnish strip which absorbs humidity
  • Do wear with care and mindfulness


  • Do not submerge or bring in contact with water/chemicals
  • Do not wear when working on heavy duty tasks
  • Do not clean with strong household cleaners or rough cloths
  • Do not mix with chemistry (lotions and perfumes are for your skin only)
  • Do not swim or bath with your jewelry

Gold Vermeil Care

To maintain the beauty and longevity of your gold vermeil jewelry, it is recommended to remove it before exercising or showering. When cleaning your piece, simply buff it gently with a dry cloth. For safekeeping, store your jewelry in the provided Mismo Jewelry box or pouch.

Peral Care

Pearls, the epitome of elegance, require delicate care to preserve their beauty. Avoid exposing them to chemicals, as they can be sensitive. After wearing your pearls, promptly store them inside the pouch provided. By following these precautions, you can maintain the lustrous allure of your pearls for years to come.

Gemstones Care

To preserve the pristine quality of your gemstones, we recommend avoiding exposure to warm water, chemicals, and direct sunlight, as these factors can diminish the vibrancy of their colors. After wearing your jewelry, we advise placing it back inside the pouch to protect it from any potential damage.

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